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Privacy and Policy

Privacy and Policy


khashkhabar.com  is a news portal own by media company Khash Khabar . khashkhabar.com is one of the news portal in Nepal which gives genuine news. We cover news all over the country. For quick and genuine news khashkhabar.com is the best news ports.

 We values its visitors’ privacy. It summarizes what information we might collect from a user or visitors . Here is the information about your data what we will and will not do with it.

Please note that this privacy policy does not govern the collection and use of information by any company. We have collected for the purpose of interaction between the readers and us.

What Information do we Publish?
We publish genuine news from all over Nepal and the world. This is the News portal and We publish news on various topics. We give news to the Nepalese People about the contemporary situation of politics, society, world, sports etc.

Where do we get the information?
Most of the information is from our press representatives distributed all over Nepal and outer country mainly Australia, USA, and Canada. We also use resources such as the National News Agency of Nepal. We translate the news of international news agency such as BBC in the Nepali Language to make our readers understand.

Collection of Your Information and use
While collection your news we may take your name and email. We don’t collect other details. If in case the news is rejected we give you notice through your email address. Misusing your email address is against our policy.

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